Our Approach

Aquaman main objective is to not to sell you water treatment but to sell you a life style. Our family wants you to know that what you purchase will not only protect your home and appliances but will most importantly protect you and your family from contaminated water that we live with everyday. You and your family will finally start to drink water the way it was intended to be just WATER!!!!

Our Story

My father started Home Distillers in 1992 at which in 2006 I had taken over the Company. We believe in keeping it a family business. I not only have years of experience in treating your water but also in customer service. Every person that becomes apart of Aquaman’s family knows that the job is never finished until you are 100% satisfied! We want you to know that what you purchased was exactly what was missing to protect you and your home.

Rest assured that our team is one of the few that has been trained on how to properly size a water system to your home. We take the time to make sure that you get exactly what you need. My team and I will always properly remove what ever new contamination might float your way.

So all we ask is if your going to use a company to protect you then use the one that has protected water for years the only true protector…. AQUAMAN!